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The Christmas Poem Collection

The Science Family, like the Military Family, does a lot of moving around. This makes for a long Christmas Card list, if you are social, and the Duncans are certainly a social crew. I wrote the first Christmas Poem to overcome an overwhelming feeling of depression at the thought of writing long explanatory Christmas cards to many dear friends and relatives in Texas, Nova Scotia, Illinois, Wisconsin etc., etc., after our second move within Bethesda. The poem succinctly described what was going on with us, and then I could direct "direct remarks" to each individual when I wrote their card. The Poem took care of my depression, and has continued now for fifteen years. Looking back, it is quite a little history of the family. Somehow, the poem for 1994 is missing. If anyone has a copy, please let me know!

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Duncan Family Christmas Poem 1988     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both strange and related
From inside the Beltway,
(Where we're presently fated).

There's much going on,
As the kids grow apace
And the Duncans keep up
With that good old rat race.

Young Graham is learning
To play the guitar,
He makes mostly A's
So we know he'll go far.

He's also performing
Upon the school stage,
A part in "Mikado,"
G and S is the rage.

You've lately seen Jenny
On public TV
She's in a commercial,
(Comes on around three).

She also is singing
And learning to tap,
And studying hard
So good grades are a snap.

Now Bill is promoted
So we're all of good cheer,
Since the job is the reason
We all came down here.

He's working too hard,
(The American way!)
But does sit-ups and push-ups
And basketball for play.

Your doggerel writer
Is an NIH clerk
On an Endocrine Unit
And it's interesting work.

I'm playing my cello
And I hope it sounds fine,
Christmas Eve, it's "Vivaldi"
With a new friend of mine.

And not just new friends
But on this Christmas too,
There'll be Sanders and Powers
And Kai nephew new.

We'll raise up our glasses
To dear absent friends
And hope that someday
We'll be with you again.

So from Bill and from Marilyn
And Jenny and Graham
Loretta, Petronius
Soon the hound,

From Curly and Mitten
And two little birds
Merry Christmas to all
And love is the word.

CHRISTMAS POEM 1989     back to top ^

Greetings dear friends,
Both strange and related,
From inside the Beltway
Where we're no longer fated.

We're on to Toronto
As the New Year comes forth,
American citizens
Whose hearts are True North.

Now Jennifer this year
Is learning to sing,
A professional teacher
Helps her voice take wing.

She's planning for next year
Admission to King's,
A Halifax College
Where she'll learn a few things.

Then on with her music,
Perhaps at McGill
Watch this space for developments,
There could be changes still.

Young Graham still practices
Hard on guitar,
He sounds pretty good,
A real basement band star.

His first year in High School
He's making great marks,
Then there's choir, basketball
And tennis at the park.

He's also still growing
As fast as can be,
He'll soon pass his Daddy
And be six foot three!

Dr. Bill's been recruited
By the N.C.I.C.*
Their Director of Research
He shortly will be.

He's promised while up there
To play his guitar,
He'll be lonely four months,
He should get pretty far.

Your doggerel writer
Will stay at her station
Until we've completed
High School Graduation.

Then I'll move all the troops
To Toronto and see,
What it is, when I grow up,
That I want to be.

With love in our hearts
That shines out to you
From all four of us,
(and the animals too),

In all our excitement
Confusion and cheer,
We send Christmas Greetings
And Happy New Year.

* National Cancer Institute of Canada

Author's Note: This poem was never distributed, my Christmas Spirit fizzled out before I got to the cards that year.

Duncan Christmas Poem 1990     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange,
From North of Toronto
Where we presently range.

We're out of the city,
In Unionville town
With Malls and Commuters
And new laid sod lawns.

Now Jenny's a freshman,
A Gryphon from Guelph,
And she's learning a lot
About life and herself.

We're happy to say
That she's making good grades,
And her music and dancing
Are bringing her raves.

Young Graham continues
To grow very tall,
With a hoop on the driveway
To dunk basketballs.

He's still making "A"s
And he's learning to draw
His guitar just might take him
To Carnegie Hall.

Our director of research,
(That's old Billy Ray)
Learns more about Canada
Day after day.

He'll soon have them playing
His NIH game,
And he's getting to read more
While taking the train.

Your doggerel writer
Has found a position
Monday through Friday
With a family physician

I practice my cello
And play my guitar,
And wish my old partners
Weren't so very far.

Away from old friends
And dear faces familiar,
And so many places we've
Come through to be here,

We look out in love
And it seems very clear,
That in spirit, our friends
Will always be near.

Duncan Christmas Poem 1991     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends
Both Strange and Related,
From inside the Beltway
Where we're once again fated.

We're back in Bethesda
And it's feeling like home,
Which shows what can happen
When Texans will roam.

Our year in Ontario
Was quite an adventure
We made some good friends
And shared some good times there.

Our Christmas Card silence
We hope you'll forgive,
And this year you once again
Know where we live.

Now Jennifer started
Her schooling at Guelph,
But she likes weather warmer
So returned with us South.

She's working at Nordstroms
Making A's at MC,
We'll have to see next year
Where this liberal will be.

Graham returned as a junior
To old Walt Whitman High
Where he's working real hard
For that old college try.

He's helping the homeless,
Writes songs for guitar,
And we're watching to see
How he'll follow his star.

Our travel consultant,
That's old Billy Ray,
At last found a place
That he might like to stay.

He came back and became
An Associate Director,
They forgave him his year
As a Canadian defector.

Your doggerel writer
Is back with good friends
At the Clinical Center
Where work never ends.

I'm trying to balance
My own day to day
To find time for growing
With both work and play.

And as we rush round
Trying to find where we're going
And think of dear friends
We're so lucky in knowing

We have to take time
To send out strong and clear
The love from our hearts
And a Happy New Year.

Christmas Poem 1992     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange,
From the berg of Bethesda,
Where we await change.

Now inside the Beltway
We're having transition,
And not all of it
We'll attribute to Clinton.

Our last "Parent Night"
We've attended this year,
To High School the Duncans
Say "Farewell" with good cheer.

The college selection
Is half way complete,
And when it is over,
We should be on our feet.

Jennifer has chosen
A Badger to be,
She's off to Wisconsin,
Come January.

At science and math,
She's discovered she's great.
Those mad scientist genes
Coming out, some would state.

Graham's life is a balance
Twixt music and school.
He sends applications,
With only one rule:

If his band gets a contract,
They'll all go close by,
And if fate denies them,
For Wisconsin he'll try.

Our nuclear family,
Soon scattered will be,
Leaving Bill and Loretta
And Soona and me,

To decide what we'll need,
As the future we ponder,
A five bedroom house, or
A one bedroom condo.

But from our confusion
We join hands and hearts,
Remembering friends,
From whom we've had to part,

Warm memories bring you all close,
With good cheer,
As we wish Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Duncan Christmas Poem 1993     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both Related and Strange,
From outside the Beltway,
Where life is more sane.

I write you from Poolesville,
Pastoral Delight,
Where neighbors are friendly
And cows are in sight.

In our honeymoon cottage
We're starting Phase Three,
Just Loretta and Soona,
And of course, Bill and Me.

Our nest now is empty,
(But for college vacations,
And most welcome visits
From Friends and Relations)

Our two college students
Have gone forth to grow,
In the land of Wisconsin,
Where there's plenty of snow

With sweaters and parkas
And long underwear,
And lectures and books
For their life they prepare.

Now Jennifer's chosen
A Nurse to become,
A profession of service,
When her goal's finally won.

Of course she tap dances
And still sings out loud,
It's the way she is growing
That makes us so proud.

For Graham, the Freshman,
The "major" decision,
Is a little while off,
So there's time for revision.

But a Musical Muse
Has him tight by the ear,
(When you're pulled by a Muse
You have nothing to fear)

Just ask his father,
Whose fair Muse of Science,
Has led him all over,
With steady reliance,

To where he is now,
The Division of AIDS,
Where he works very hard
To help progress be made.

Your doggerel writer
Can now look around,
A twenty year project,
Completed, I've found.

The next step for me?
Right now I don't know.
So I'll put in my garden,
And see what will grow.

The Holidays soon
Will bring Everyone Home,
Along with Friend Debee,
Who to Phoenix did roam.

So we'll pour us some Egg Nog
And tune up the cello,
Carol the Neighbors
And all be quite mellow.

Around our new Hearth
We will gather with cheer,
And remember Dear Friends,
Who can't be with us here.

Hearts filled with love,
And a tear in the eye,
Bring our spirits together
When Christmas is nigh.

Duncan Christmas Poem 1995     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
It's that time of year
When we reach through the mail
With good wishes and cheer.

In this year that's soon over,
We saw old friends and new,
Enjoyed fine celebrations,
And some good outcomes too.

There was just enough darkness
To show us the light
To value each other
While time takes its flight.

And we Duncans, who
Usually party at home,
Have chosen this Christmas
To wander and roam.

Our bags we will pack
And to Texas we'll go
To gather with family
(And leave behind snow).

Now traveling at Christmas
Is surely not new,
Just we haven't done it
Since seventy-two.

When Jenny was little
And we drove up to Dallas,
To meet with old Santa
At the Grandparent's palace.

Now Ft. Worth is home
For our Jennifer Lee,
As a nurse in the
Public Health Service she'll be.

We're all very proud,
As her new life's begun,
And we're on our way down
For some Bar-B-Q and fun.

Now Graham's still at Wisconsin,
A junior this year,
And still trying to balance that
Muse on his ear.

His essays and film work
Are bringing him praise,
But wrapped up in his music
Is the life that he craves.

By himself and with others
He finds sounds just right,
And fills up our basement
With "Sweet Idiots" delight.

At the Homestead in Poolesville
It's empty-then packed,
With kith, kin and (musicians)
And good times, at that.

NIH keeps us busy, and
Our garden does too,
And occasional trips
To museum and zoo.

I'm playing my cello,
(More than one time a year)
And Bill is considering
Brewing some beer.

Though life is transition
As we all must learn,
In the dark of December
It's often we yearn

To reach back to old friends
And to places held dear
And wrap them in love
So our hearts can see clear,

The laughter, the sorrow,
The smile and the tear,
As we wish Merry Christmas,
And Happy New Year

Christmas Poem 1996     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends
The time is now here,
To rhyme one and all
With good wishes and cheer.

As cozy in Poolseville
The Duncans abide
And wait for the snow
'round our warm fireside.

And the space by the fire
Is filling up fast,
As our Soona is joined by
A puppy and cat.

Because Jenny is back
With her pet entourage,
(And there's stuff to the ceiling
In the basement and garage).

Here at old NIH
She is stationed this year,
A wonderful place
For a nursing career.

With old friends and new
She's beginning her run
Of the Washington race,
And we bet she'll have fun.

Now the last year of college,
Half over for Graham,
Has brought up the question
Of his future plan.

He's asking himself
"What does he want to do?"
For he has films to make,
But his songs to sing too.

And professors, who nudge him
To graduate studies,
Or then there's the road,
With his musician buddies.

As we gaze to the future,
The answer's not clear.
Perhaps there will be one,
Watch this space next year.

As Bill and I see
The house fill up again,
With kids, pets and noise
We can think about when

We sat by ourselves
In the quiet of home
And wondered how they were
All out on their own.

But it's nice to be close
(Though ok to be far),
And it looks like we'll know
Pretty much where they are,

At least 'til their lives
Call them out there again.
There will be more transitions,
But who can say when?

But this is the season
That brings us together,
To join with dear friends
Despite inclement weather.

And to those far away,
We send love and good cheer,
As we wish Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Duncan Christmas Poem 1997     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends
I write you this year
Of wonderful changes
That fill us with cheer.

Of college completed
And marriage to come,
Of life work beginning
And hearts full of fun.

Though all of this happiness
Shines in our sky,
Made brighter by shadows
From many good-byes.

As we think of our friends
Who are no longer here,
And bask in the glow
Of their memory dear.

For life keeps on changing
And time won't stand still.
We find we are perched
On Miss Dickenson's hill,

Our minds barely grasping
Arrival thus far,
But determined to try
For the best where we are.

Now Graham, with distinction,
Received his degree,
Departed Wisconsin,
And came home to see,

If hard work and talent
Would court the muse down,
To a singer/songwriter
In Washington town.

His new business is hard,
So to learn and expand
He is playing lead guitar with
Sean Michael Dargan's Band.

In our basement they've played,
With a sound sure to win.
(And the Duncans are
Patrons of Art, once again).

Now on June twenty-seventh
In the year ninety-eight,
Our Jennifer joins
With her chosen life mate.

In Portland's Old Harbor,
That picturesque spot,
She and Steve Morin
Will tie their love knot.

Come family and friends
Who this journey will make,
To gather in Maine
Where we'll all celebrate,

This joyous transition
In the midst of life's care.
We want everyone close
To our hearts to be there.

But here it is Christmas
That wonderful time
Of caroling, gifting
And mulling of wine,

Of memories bright
As the lights strung all round
Of good times with family
And friends we have found.

From these increasing Duncans
We wish you good cheer,
A magical Christmas
And Happy New Year

Duncan Christmas Poem 1998
     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange,
I write you from Poolesville,
Where quiet now reigns.

For Stephen and Jennifer
Moved to their new house,
And the Band in the basement
Relocated South.

It's been quite a year here,
But now is the time,
To sit back and ponder,
Mull more than the wine,

To count our good fortune,
In family and friends,
Who've gathered around us
In love, once again.

We all form the landscape
That's changing each day.
We know there is coming,
And going away.

Through changes and distance,
One thing remains clear,
Those close to our hearts
Will always be here.

Our Newlyweds started
Their Voyage in June,
Launched in old Portland,
With many a tune.

Now they are settled
All snug in their nest,
To face life together
And meet every test.

Their days are now filled
With pets, school and career,
And ideas for the future
That bring us good cheer.

But for now NIH
Is their PHS station,
And these two young lieutenants
Proudly serve in Her mission.

Now Graham, with Sean Michael
Has had quite a year.
A Paula Cole opening
And lots of gigs here.

They've been through a shuffle,
Of bass players three,
But with the fourth moved to Dallas,
And named the band SMD.

There's Sean Michael Dargan
On vocals out front,
Brian Aldsworth on bass,
Mike Galante on drums,

And Graham Alan Duncan
On lead guitar wails,
With all of these talents,
SMD. cannot fail.

We two empty nesters
Are still at our tasks,
For Bill's AIDS Therapeutics,
There's good progress at last.

And with Graham as producer,
I'm recording my songs,
Although along with the day job
The process is long.

But here by the fire
And glow of the tree,
We think of times past,
And of times yet to be.

We think of good friends,
Those far and those near,
And wish all Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.

Duncan Christmas Poem 1999     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both Strange and Related,
I write you from Poolesville,
A town highly rated!

A "best place to live,"
Out here Washington way,
And we're all settled in,
So we might even stay.

We empty-nest Duncans
Are trying to find,
A balance in life
And a balance in time.

A balance in work,
That leaves space for some play,
As we learn to appreciate,
The gift of each day.

For our number of days
We must live through to find,
But we look towards the future,
With this thought in mind,

Through death's transformation,
The circle remains,
Connected by love,
Though we tread different planes.

The Newlyweds, now in
Year two, you'll recall,
Have planted their roses,
And painted their walls.

But more than the garden
Requires some seed,
So they're both on the way
To their graduate degrees.

And Graham's still in Dallas
But things there have changed!
The Band's now a trio,
And gaining in fame.

Look in the midwinter
For CD number one,
And keep up with the action

Now AIDS Therapeutics
Does focus Bill's mind,
But this science vocation,
It suits him just fine.

And when he can spare time
From hearth, home and hoard,
He serves as a member
Of the zoning appeals Board.

Your doggerel writer
Has reason for cheer,
I've written three new songs
Since this time last year!

And they're on the CD
That's due out in the Spring,
You can give them a fling.

But the Season's upon us
And soon we will be,
Gathered with family
And friends, 'round the tree.

We'll sing out the Carols
With those we hold dear,
And wish all those absent
Could be with us here.

So to friends near and far,
We wish you good cheer,
A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Duncan Christmas Poem 2000     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange.
I write with good cheer
As the centuries change,

And whether your millennium
Is two thousand or one,
We hope your new year
Will with all good things come!

We Duncans will gather
In Poolesville this year,
Frequent mover status lost-
It's our eighth Christmas here.

We've baked up the cookies
And trimmed up the tree
To prepare for the time
When together we'll be.

For our boom-a-rang kids
Go to Texas to stay,
Graham has been there two years
Now Jenny and Steve head that way.

So come January,
You can find Bill and me,
On our own here in Maryland,
(With Loretta, Bryce and Digby).

The young Duncan-Morins
Have decided to go
Back down to Fort Worth
Where they met "long ago."

They're looking for someplace
To live their lives true,
And put down some roots,
As all good earth signs do.

While Graham makes his home
Down in old Dallas town,
Where music production
And life take him round.

And 3 Shot West's fame
Still contunues to grow.
You can catch them on Real World,
That's MTV, (now you know).

And Bill's still in charge
Of DAID's Clinical Research,
As more answers to questions
On AIDS we do search.

And in his spare time
With his camera he shoots,
At rocks, trees, stumps and sky,
And sometimes people, to boot!

Your doggerel writer
Has had a good year.
The CD is released,
And that's reason for cheer!

There's much more to do,
This career's just begun!
So check out the product

It's been quite a time
And there's probably more,
And there's no way to know
What next year has in store.

But we do know these Holidays
Coming our way,
Make us think of dear friends
Who are so far away.

And that distance we fill
With a light pure and clear,
It's a message of love,
For a Happy New Year!

Duncan Christmas Poem 2001     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange,
I write you from Poolesville,
Where quiet does reign.

Though way down in Texas,
Things are happening fast,
And Grandparent status
Will be ours at last.

To the Lone Star we travel
For Christmas this year,
And in Goldthwaite and Fort Worth
We'll gather with cheer.

We'll visit Bill's family,
And all through our stay,
We'll see how our kids do,
While so far away.

The young Duncan-Morins
Will make room for three,
In their home that was built
In nineteen hundred twenty three.

They're tracing our footsteps
Through historic renovation,
We know when baby's here in March
It will seem like a vacation!

And not to be outdone
In this family expansion,
The uncle-in-waiting, Graham,
Has gone and popped the question!

And to our delight
His dear Kate has said yes!
So, we welcome a new daughter
(The wedding date's still a guess).

So we're still having fun
As the years tumble by.
Glad for new family members
Who will join our ranks nigh.

Glad for science and music
For gardens and friends,
For seeds that we've planted
As harvest begins,

For past generations
Who've shown us the way
To live for the real things
We find in each day,

And glad for the work
We've been given to do,
For making a difference
Would make us glad too!

So, here in this season of darkness
There's light,
And thoughts of dear friends
Make our holiday bright.

We reach out with love,
And we reach out with cheer
To wish a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!

Duncan Christmas Poem 2002     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends
Both Strange and Related.
I write you from Poolesville,
Where quiet's been traded,

For a house full of fun
Our nest empty no more,
Why, even a new bird
Has come through the door.

A rescued McCaw
Of blue and gold hue
His friends call him Elvis
And he is pretty cool!

And taking up space
With high-chair and playpen
Is little Dean Alan
The new Duncan-Morin.

He's come with his folks
To live here awhile,
'Til their house in Urbana
Is finished in style.

So, come February,
The kids will depart,
And though space we'll regain,
We'll miss part of our heart.

And another Urbana,
This one near Champagne,
Our own Graham and Kate
Their new home there now claim.

As a graduate poet
And a sound engineer
Their art they're pursuing,
Which brings us good cheer.

And coming this summer,
In June of July,
We'll go their wedding
And raise our glass high,

To a journey beginning
Of good times and care,
We hope everyone close
To our hearts can be there.

But meanwhile,
For Santa's big night we prepare,
We'll clean out the chimney
For his entrance there.

Dean Alan's first Christmas
Will be quite a treat,
For his stocking is
Bigger, by far than his feet!

And with Mommy and Daddy,
And Uncle and Aunt
And Grandma and Grandpa
Not much can he want.

With our good friends around us
And the animals too,
Our Christmas may somewhat
Resemble a Zoo!

But a zoo filled with love
As we all gather 'round
And remember the reason
That this day was found.

We celebrate hope
Of a love shining clear,
As we wish Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

Duncan Christmas Poem 2004     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both strange and related,
I report a new venue-
We've been relocated!

The "muse scientific"
Had let us remain
A really long time
In one place (for a change).

But to Poolesville and
Old NIH, it's good-bye,
We're now settled in Dallas
Thanks to new BRI*

Bill's challenge - to bring
About growth and transition
Through his Chief Scientific
And Operations Officer positions.

Your doggerel writer,
Whose "work" is now finished,
Is thankful for family
And friend time replenished.

With Soona Songs Studio
Building out back,
For musical activity
We surely won't lack.

Now our young Duncan Morins
Have expanded by one
They've added Leif Evan,
Our second grandson!

And after assessing
All that they could see
They've moved up to Maine
Where life's as it should be.

And still in Urbana
We find Kate and Graham
She's close to her Masters,
He has a new band.

Kate's poems are starting
To bring her acclaim,
With hard work and good luck
They'll find fortune and fame.

While back here in Dallas
In our old neighborhood
We have places familiar,
Friends who are good.

We're nearer to family
Than we've been before,
When we all get together
We count generations four!

So as the days darken
And Christmas grows near,
We think of our friends
Those so far, those right here,

And all of these memories,
Like lights on the tree,
Brighten our way
And help us to see,

This seasonal magic
That gives our hearts cheer,
As we wish Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

* Baylor Research Institute

Duncan Christmas Poem 2005     back to top ^

Greetings Dear Friends,
Both related and strange,
I write you this season
Of a year full of change

Of ends and beginnings,
And things old and new,
As we settle ourselves
Down in Dallas - year two.

In a rushing of wings
On an early March day,
My father, Bill Sanders,
Was called on his way.

He left us the wealth
Of a life so well lived,
With wit, love and laughter,
He taught us to give.

His value for family,
His friendships held dear,
Help us to remember
To cherish each year

And over on Beechwood,
My Mom carries on
And the old Sanders welcome
Remains just as strong.

At the Duncans, construction
Saw most the year through,
But the studio's finished
It shines bright and new

There are wires and wires
Going round and around,
And a fabulous room
For recording great sound!

And to make it all work,
We must note with good cheer,
Our dear Kate and Graham
Are now here for the year.

Kate's MFA completed,
They have left Illinois
To waylay in Dallas
Their time to employ,

In helping the studio
Get off the ground
And in writing and publishing,
'Til their next stop is found.

Your doggerel writer
Has apprenticed this year,
With Graham for my mentor,
As a recording engineer

While Bill is still busy
At good BRI
It's a great time for Science
Expectations are high!

Now our four Duncan-Morins
We'll visit this year,
Up in Winterport, Maine
We will gather with cheer!

To see what old Santa
Will bring Leif and Dean
We'll be listening for reindeer,
To make that snow scene.

And while we are there
On that cold winter's night,
We will think of dear friends
By their own Christmas lights,

And though far away
To our hearts you are near,
As we wish Merry Christmas!
And a Happy New Year!

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Greetings Dear Friends,
At this Holiday Time,
I’ll again try to wrap up
The year in a rhyme.

Our third Christmas in Texas
With no sign of snow,
But at least we’ve determined
Where the decorations go!

We will miss our two Grandsons,
Who will be home in Maine
As they wait for Old Santa
And another toy train.

The young Duncan-Morins
Have settled in fast,
Creating those traditions
That make dear Christmas pasts.

And with luck, in a few years,
We’ll be living nearby,
And will always be there
For that Holiday high!

But down here in Dallas
There is so much to do,
That we have to stay put
Just a while, to get through!

Bill’s busy, as always,
With an Institute to run,
But for him, getting Science
To happen, is fun!

And dear Graham and Kate
Have extended their stay,
To help run Soona Songs,
Which is growing each day.

We’re producing, recording,
Promoting with glee!
It would help if our staff
Were fifteen, not just three.

We’re proud of our releases,
But our work can’t be free -
Go to
And buy a CD!!

So as we race on to
The end of the year,
With Christmas upon us
We’re filled with good cheer.

With friends at our side
Winter’s darkness we’ll face
And the sound of our laughter
Will bring light and grace,

And memories happy
Will bring those far near,
As we wish Merry Christmas!
And a Happy New Year!

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